New album ‘The Key To The Universe’

Album cover

Album cover

Michael is back with a new solo album called The Key To The Universe, which will be released on April 7th by FOD Records.

The CD can now be ordered from and, while the digital version is available on iTunes.

The Key To The Universe was recorded at Forum Music Village in Rome in June last year, with Nigel Harrison (Silverhead, Chequered Past) on bass and guitar, Clive Deamer (Portishead, Robert Plant) on drums, Dani Robinson on guitar and with Bob Rose producing.

“Essentially, the album was a revelation to me. The process was unlike anything I have ever experienced – a true collaboration between musicians and producer, all of whom had great respect for one another, which made it egoless. We came together in Rome with the single desire of making the best rock record we could. Bob Rose, our producer, steered us through and before we knew it, the album was done. It was a magical experience in the eternal city of Rome, forever indelibly seared into my DNA”, Michael told in a recent interview.

The album has already been given an excellent in-depth review by Tony Conley at Rock Guitar Daily:

“Michael Des Barres’ The Key To The Universe is one of those increasingly rare records that makes you remember why we love rock ‘n’ roll – in fact, it forces you to remember why we love rock ‘n’ roll. Rock ‘n’ roll that reminds you that the best rock ‘n’ roll resides both in the head, and below the waist. This record is a blast.”

The first single is called “Can’t Get You Off My Mind” and was written by Linda Perry. The music video, directed by 5-time VMA nominee David Rousseau, can be seen below:


There is also a very cool EPK video clip about the album recording on YouTube.

Michael has done a number of interviews lately, to promote the album. Here are links to some of them:

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Nigel Harrison has also been interviewed about the album, by Guitar International.

For more info on the new album, visit Michael’s official website at

Michael guest-stars on CSI

Michael as Marty Kirch

Michael as Marty Kirch

Michael guest-starred on the long-running CBS show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on March 12th, in an episode entitled “Long Ride Home”.

Michael’s character, Marty Kirch, was the man behind “The Fame Experience”, a Las Vegas rock n’ roll experience package, who was questioned in connection with a murder case.

CSI, which is now in its 14th season, currently stars Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue.

KISS frontman Gene Simmons also appeared in the episode, as himself. Prior to the episode airing, Simmons was as a guest on The Michael Des Barres Show on February 27th, which can be seen here.

New interview in Fireworks Magazine

Michael performing at a tribute concert to Duane Allman. The Mint, LA, 27 November 2013.

Michael performing at a tribute concert to Duane Allman. The Mint, LA, 27 November 2013.
(Photo by Joe Schaeffer)

Michael has been interviewed by UK’s Fireworks Magazine again this month. The interview is mainly about his recent live album Hot ‘n Sticky, but it also provides some info about Josh Weinstein’s long-awaited MDB documentary Who Do You Want Me To Be?.

MDB on the live album:

‘Hot N Sticky’ was one of those nights where nobody thought, we just played and smiled. We have a DVD of it coming and you can see that. It was just ecstasy. When we played the great Supremes song ‘Stop In The Name Of Love’, it felt like I was in The Who or something! We use that song as a metaphor for all the things going on in the world, violence going on world-wide and say “Stop, in the name of love!”

MDB on the documentary:

“It’s done, it’s ready to go. It’s called ‘Who Do You Want Me To Be?’ which I think is a great title when you consider the lyrics of the biggest song I wrote, with Holly Knight of course, which was ‘Obsession’. It’s a very eclectic and interesting documentary, covering my boarding school years in Derbyshire which was like ‘Wuthering Heights’ meets ‘Dante’s Inferno’! From Sidney Poitier to Steve Jones, the documentary is interesting, I can’t wait for people to see it.”

The full interview appears in issue 62 of Fireworks Magazine, which is available now. It can also be found online at

The end of Silverhead

Silverhead in Tokyo, April 2012

Silverhead in Tokyo, April 2012

Following their successfull reunion concerts in Tokyo in 2012, Silverhead were planning to return to Japan for additional concerts in March 2014. The trip was recently pushed back to June/July 2014, but now it’s been cancelled altogether; as this week Michael announced on their Facebook page that Silverhead will not be performing again:

“I regret to inform all our loyal fans, new and old, that the band will not be performing again, as Silverhead. Sadly, our work commitments do not allow this, and we have decided to not keep anybody waiting around to see if we do tour again, or even commit to an album… We had the greatest time together in Japan, and it was nice to see and work together again, and keep in constant touch… It touched all of us that you guys were still out there supporting us, and it was heartfelt by the many fans that continue to. You guys made our reunion shows an event for us to treasure…”

Read to full message on the Silverhead Facebook page.

Thankfully, there’s still something to look forward to, as a new “Best of” album is in the works:

“I’m still working on how to put it out, but ‘The Best of Silverhead’ is a f***ing awesome record. It’ll have all the heavy stuff, plus an unreleased track called James Dean, and a live version of Bright Light”, Michael told UK’s Classic Rock Magazine in a recent interview.

Website changes

Regular visitors may have noticed the header of this website changed recently.

In 2008, after five years of being a fansite, became Michael’s official website. Since then a lot has happened. It’s been six eventful years, with lots of exciting projects. But I have also found it increasingly harder to keep track of everything.

Thankfully, people like Richard Stellar and Kitty Page gradually took over the reins, creating the new official website at That site has now been moved over to, which will be Michael’s only official website from now on.

Therefore, has now gone back to being a fansite again. It will remain online for the time being, and I will try to update it when I have the time, but for all the latest updates please visit the official site.

I want to thank Michael for six great years of working together and for his continued support.

Jakob Sekse

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