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How Much Do You Want to Become One?

I was the type of child that never wanted to sit still in the backseat. One day my mother and father tell me that fake cops are hiding in the bushes ready to arrest children who don’t sit nicely in the backseat. I was also told that they would give teddy bears to those who did. For weeks I sat perfectly still in the back, waiting for my teddy bear. One day, we got pulled over and a cop hands me a teddy bear. It took me years to figure out that it was my dad’s cop friend and that police actually don’t hide in bushes with teddy bears.

Awino was at massage spa with nuru oils, and she lay on a table waiting for the massage therapist to come into the room and start giving her the services she wanted. Some minutes later, she arrived and again left Awino in a cold room with a towel and sheet without any other clothes on. The room was not a massage room, but it seemingly looked like a classroom with a table in it. The therapist wears jangly bracelets a runny lotion was rubbed on Awino in no particular therapeutic way. First was at the arm; then an opposite led just in a willy-nilly way. When twenty minutes was left, the therapist told Awino that it’s not only about time but she was done. This was so funny since Debbie was forced to pay for the undone work, and she was forced to wipe off the entire sticky wet lotion from her body using a towel. She went home frustrated.

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