Michael on NCIS, October 9th

With Mark Harmon on the set of NCIS

Michael’s episode of NCIS, in which he plays a rocker named Del Finney, will air next Tuesday, October 9th on CBS.

Viewers will also get a chance to hear music from Michael’s new album Carnaby Street during the episode.

“I have worked on over 100 hours of television and I have never been on a set where everyone involved made me feel that I could fly with the material and feel safe enough, respected enough to do good work. Mark Harmon is the Captain of a ship that sails around the television universe like the mothership of terrific entertainment”, Michael says.

NCIS is currently the most-watched show on U.S. television, with more than 20 million viewers in its season premiere last week.

A trailer for the episode, entitled “Phoenix”, can be seen on YouTube.

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