Michael Des Barres and Holly Knight (1982 – 1984)


Michael teamed up with songwriter Holly Knight in the early 80s. Together they wrote a number of songs, some of which they recorded and released themselves.

In 1983 they released the song “Obsession”, which was featured in the movie A Night in Heaven and became a minor hit. But it became a much bigger hit when it was covered by the group Animotion two years later.

Michael says about “Obsession”:

So [Mike] Chapman produced my record [“I’m Only Human”]. His publishing company published “Obsession”. He put me together with Holly Knight who had written “Love is a Battlefield” and “Better Be Good To Me” and “The Best”, and a lot of great songs, and we knocked it out. I had the lyrics and that’s what it was. We wrote a bunch of songs, but “Obsession” was the biggest.

Other songs they wrote together in the 1980s include:

A Woman's Weapon

  • Michael Des Barres & Holly Knight: 
    “A Woman’s Weapon”

    B-side on the UK-version of the “Obsession”-single, released in 1984. Written by MDB and Holly Knight. There was also apparently a music video for this song.
  • Michael Des Barres & Holly Knight: 
    “The Secret is Safe”

    This song was used in the movie “Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment” (1985). Written by MDB and Nigel Harrison, and produced by Mike Chapman.
  • Smokie: “Looking Daggers”
    The band Smokie released this song as a single in the UK in 1982. Written by MDB, Holly Knight and Mike Chapman. Produced by Mike Chapman.
  • Real Life: “Babies”
    The band Real Life recorded this song and included it on their album “Down Comes The Hammer” (1986). “Babies” (aka. “Bleeding Babies”) was written by MDB, Holly Knight and Mike Chapman. The song was also released as a 12″ single. And also included on the album “Send Me An Angel ’89” (1989), which was re-released as “Send Me An Angel (Best Of Real Life)” in 2001.

In 2008, Michael and Holly teamed up again to write a number of new songs. These included “Don’t Desire What You Don’t Need” and “Circus of Love”, both of which Michael recorded and posted on MySpace.



12″ singles


1983 (US)
A & M Records (SP-17262)
Side 1: Obsession (Extended Version) (5:40)
Side 2: Obsession (Single Version) (3:50)





1984 (UK)
A & M Records
Side 1: Obsession
Side 2: A Woman’s Weapon






7″ singles

1984 (UK)
A & M Records
Side A: Obsession
Side B: A Woman’s Weapon


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